Social Prescribing – Arts activities for dementia

Arts engagement is a most effective intervention for people affected by dementia, enabling participants to experience the joy it brings and the satisfaction of their own creativity, perhaps reviving an old skill or learning a new one and exercising their brain.  And while being creative, it provides an opportunity to socialise.

It is as valuable also to care givers who share a joyful experience with those they care for and the joy of seeing them flourish.

While the benefits of arts engagement are well known, finding opportunities on offer has been a challenge.

Mapped events near you

For those affected by dementia or for those offering Social Prescription

Arts 4 Dementia researches and lists pharmacy no rx arts activities around the UK (currently mainly England and Wales) by way of providing a ready and constantly updated menu of LOCAL arts activities. The current listing includes around 300 programmes, comprising thousands of events a year. Select events by

  • Dementia Need (early-stage, moderate, young onset or Arts for Wellbeing)
  • Art form (including Outdoor arts)
  • Day or date range
  • Distance from your location


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Dementia-friendly arts and heritage sites too.

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