A range of resources for arts & heritage organisations and for dementia care: 

  • A4D reports – arts practice for early-stage dementias:
    • Reawakening Integrated Arts & Heritage: Regional models, with framework to integrate arts into NHS England “The Well Pathway for Dementia” (2017)
    • Music Reawakening (2015)
    • Reawakening the Mind: Best practice case studies and toolkit (2013)
  • Arts facilitators’ (A4D trained) Contact Details:
    • Get in touch with an arts facilitator near you who has attended our Early-Stage Dementia Awareness Training
  • ArtsPAL Network:
    • Proposed volunteer creative befriender scheme to accompany individuals to re-energising arts events on a weekly basis.
  • Useful links:
    • Age-related organisations – Dementia-related organisations – Arts in Dementia Care – Physical exercise – Carers – General health – Alzheimer’s-specific care – Mental health – Fundraising

    Picturehouse Cinemas – Picturehouse Cinemas run dementia-friendly screenings across the country.  The screenings are slightly adapted to ease the sensory impact. Find out here about locations and screenings.

  • Further Resources:
    • Including Alzheimer’s Society guides Becoming a Dementia Friendly Arts Venue and Dementia Friendly Screenings Memory Aids – Books – Studies
  • Media Centre:
    • including images, videos and newsletters
  • The Early Stages and How the Arts can Help


A4D Reports:

Reawakening Integrated: Arts & Heritage (2017) – A regional programme with a framework to integrate arts into dementia care services in Dorset

Music Reawakening: Musicianship and Access for Dementia – The Way Forward (2015) – Illustrations of best practice in music for dementia

Reawakening the Mind: Evaluation of A4D London Arts Challenge in 2012 (2013) – with toolkit for arts facilitators based on 120 workshops