Memory Aids

Here are memory apps and websites to stimulate and aids to provide support.

BBC’s Reminiscence Archive


The RemArc is designed to trigger memories in people with dementia, using BBC Archive material as stimulation. The Archive is used to stimulate long-term memory with material from the past and includes an enormous fund of photos, videos and sound clips.


Alzheimer’s Apps 

Alzheimer’s Apps is for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and identifies other apps that could help to improve the quality of life for the person with dementia. This includes apps that could calm or engage the person. The goal is to improve the interaction with the carer and any other family visitors. This programme only identifies apps that have a significant chance of success and a peer review system is available within the app that allows for feedback to be shared with others about the experiences with certain apps.

The Brain Jog 

The Brain Jog is a free app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod. It was developed by researchers at Queen’s University Belfast as part of a larger study looking at ‘brain training’ and the ability to prevent cognitive decline/dementia. App is designed for people 50 years of age and older.

Memory & Focus Apps 

This app for iPhone, iPod and iPad identifies the best apps for memory and focus and allows users to track the newest apps and other people’s experiences with them.


RemindMeCare assists maintaining family interaction with the care process provided by a care home, live-in carer, domiciliary carer or ward. ReMe builds an ever growing Profile of the person from digitally and remotely entered information, family interaction and daily activities that significantly enhances person centred care and memory support delivery. Families can monitor the care processes such as reminiscence therapy and games and receive wellbeing and activity reports. They can remotely manage a music playlist, upload photos, videos and other content to stimulate recall and interact with the carers to maintain their involvement in the care. process.


MindMate is the ultimate platform for people with dementia, their families and caregivers. The award-winning MindMate App engages people with Alzheimer’s and helps them stay independent. Together with MindMate – this gives caregivers and family members peace of mind by providing remote access and useful tools to offer a helping hand regardless of their location. More than 15,000 users worldwide (Feb 2016) especially love the games, the my story photo book, the music section and the useful everyday tools.

Special 2 Us  

Family photos & relatives voices: bringing back memories to share with friends & relatives – anywhere at any anytime.  Special2Us scans your old photos and stores them in individual seciure accounts that can be made available to all whom you want to see them.


Storii enables families to store memories and interact with loved ones in care. Storii is FREE to the public. Families and carers can upload photos, videos and audio recordings to stimulate conversations and for reminiscense therapy. Used within hospitals, care homes and social care, Storii is the go to platform for reminiscense.


Memory Aids


This compact assisted-GPS tracker with emergency support locates people instantly and accurately – online, by phone or by text.
The Buddi Fine allows the member/carer to locate the wearer either by telephone, text or online. Calling or texting Buddi’s customer response centre enables youl order viagra online generic obtain the wearer’s location by street reference, postcode and with latitude and longitude. Online their position will be clearly displayed using Googlemap. Email:  Telephone: 0800 978 8800

Dakim BrainFitness 

The Dakim BrainFitness software, designed for people over 60 to fend off memory loss and dementia, comprises music, video clips and newsreels from the past, mixed with interactive entertainment to stimulate mental activity.

Digital Reminiscence Therapy Solutions 

The Interactive Reminiscence Aid, designed to engage people with dementia and their carers in conversations and interactions, uses touch screen system with music and lyrics, photographs and videos ranging from the 1930s, to spark memories in the person with dementia. Zoom heightens focus. images can be saved as favourites. Personal media can be uploaded. Email: Freephone: 0800 083 4553

Book of You 

Book of You is a new type of Book that uses the proven benefits of reminiscence therapy. Create a life story using words, pictures, music and film.  Bring family, friends and carers together in one place to show who a person was and who they are now.

If you care for someone with dementia, creating a Book of You will provide the opportunity for a shared, fun activity that lets you spend quality time together.

Digital Video Memo 

This device has a built in camera to record up to 30 seconds of video. The screen lights up when a message is waiting. Once the play button is pushed, the message plays back for the watcher. The message is saved until it is recorded over. Its magnetic surface will stick to your fridge.

Just Checking

This monitors the movement of a person living at home and generates a chart of activity that carers can view online. Just Checking enables the person to remain longer at home and for their carer to assess what they are capable of in their routine in everyday life.

Mem-x Memory Aid Pendant 

This pendant records up to 90 ten-second personalised messages or instructions. Once the date and time of play back is set, an alert tone will sound and prompt the person to press the button for the recorded reminder. Freephone: 08000 430 357


TalkingPEN, winner of the enABLE Award 2009 for Life-Changing Products, enables people with dementia to remember the past and record the present. It records and plays back sounds on contact with a page or photo. Touching the pen to pictures allows users to hear voices of family members or friends, or music. Memories can be recorded on to photo albums or personal items. Email: Telephone: 020 8445 5123.

BIME Wander Reminder 

The BIME Wander Reminder aids time orientation for people with dementia. A short verbal message is recorded and the minder is placed at the approach to the doorway – either freestanding or hooked onto the wall. Easy to install, its timer can be set to operate the minder only at key times of the day or night. Once the system is in position the infra red motion detectors senses movement when the door is approached, triggering the familiar pre-recorded message. The BIME Wander Reminder is supplied in kit form, with batteries and mains adapter, by the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME). Telephone: 01225 824103.

Designability offer a number of products for people affected by dementia to help support independent living. They also offer the Memory Technology Library for people in Bath and North East Somerset to try out their products.