Creative writing with Katharine Goda

Every Tuesday
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
for participants
for carers

Join Katharine in a series of fun, inclusive and inspiring creative writing sessions to explore, record and share what matters to you.

What would your perfect day be like? What’s your favourite saying or one that winds you up? Do you have an object that means a lot to you? What about a place you love? If your friend were a vehicle, drink, season, colour, shape – what would they be? Could you write a poem about sadness in the shape of a teardrop? Or one about an apple set out to look like an apple? What about a list: questions you’d like an answer to, what if…, happiness is…? What letter would you like to write? If you take a page of text and choose just ten words, which would they be?

Everyone has stories. Everyone is creative. How about spending some time exploring creative writing? You don’t have to have done it before. You just have to be a little bit curious and ready to play with words and ideas. We’ll have a look at some words other people have written – songs, poems, lines from films, also words you find out and about in graffiti or advertising, words people have said to you. Why not join us to play with words and ideas, see what happens when you put surprising words next to each other, create a record of what is precious to you? We’d love you to be part of this.

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Arts 4 brain health Dementia friendly Early stage Moderate dementia Young onset Drama & Poetry

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Darlington, UK
Event has remote access

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