About the website

PLEASE NOTE: Some functions are still to be completed

The new site was launched on World Alzheimer’s Day with some details and functions still to be completed. Please accept our apologies for this. It should be just be a matter of days until all key functions are fully working. It WILL be really wonderful!

Posting events and venues.

If you have any difficulty posting

Dementia-friendly arts and heritage venues

We launch with a full set of dementia-friendly arts and heritage venues in Dorset, the subject of our recent REAWAKENING pilot project, and few in the rest of the UK.  We will be loading these over the next months.  You can:

  • tell us about your dementia-friendly venues or arts events for dementia using List your event and List your venue buttons on the Home Page; or
  • suggest other dementia-friendly venues or arts events for dementia you know about using List your event and List your venue buttons on the Home Page


If you have any questions or difficulties with the new site, please

Finding arts events

1) Click Events on the main menu (at the top of every page).
2) Type in your POSTCODE (or, on a tablet smartphone, use current location) and the maximum distance. To see all events, go direct to 4) or to qualify your selection:
3) Click on the arrow next to SCHEDULE to open up the section:

DAY of the week, to select specific days.
DATE to set a specific day or two dates, to select a range of dates.
ART FORM to select one, or any combination from
Crafts, Dance & Movement, Drama & Poetry, Film &
Photography, Heritage & Visual Arts, Music, Outdoor Arts,
Reminiscence, or Select all art forms

4) DEMENTIA NEED: Select one or more:

  • Arts 4 Wellbeing (to protect against onset).
  • Arts suited to or specially for early-stage dementia.
  • Arts for Moderate dementia.

5) Click on the arrow next to SCHEDULE.
6) Select Recurring buy cheap drugs online u.s events for on-going weekly, fortnightly, monthly events or All events which includes single events.
8) A map will now show locations of all qualifying events within the specified distance, followed by a listing. This includes all key details: address, date and time, art form, dementia need and cost, if applicable, and whether it may be free or discounted for carers.
9) Sort the list by Date (soonest) or Distance (nearest) .
10 ) Click on any individual event for further information.
11) Maps and listings can be printed out as a PDF.
12) Clinicians, memory and care services can print out listings appropriate for their patients and service users.

Finding Dementia-friendly Arts & Heritage Venues

The A4D listing of arts and heritage sites includes historic houses, museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls, arts centres, music and dance studios, churches, cathedrals, country parks, nature reserves, gardens of special interest, and other DF arts or heritage related sites. These are all shown here, for simplicity, as “Venues”.
Venues that have achieved Alzheimer’s Society DF certificates are marked with a blue flower. Others either offer DF services, have had DF training, or provide a natural and stimulating welcome to people with dementia, through talks, guided tours, free or discounted, recitals and performances.
To locate DF venues:

  • Click Dementia-friendly venues on the menu bar at the top
    of any page.
  • Enter your POSTCODE (or, on a tablet smartphone, use current location) and Maximum distance.

You will then see a map and a listing with key details.

View venue details

Click through any listed venue for further information, including talks, free daytime recitals, tours, relaxed performances or screenings, wellbeing walks and special events for dementia.
Please note:

  • While dementia-friendly venues in Dorset are now mainly uploaded to the website, elsewhere this is a work in progress. We shall be adding dementia-friendly venues over time.
  • All event and venue listings are offered as a guide. Arts 4 Dementia cannot take responsibility for facilities and descriptions.