Here are our first thoughts for a filmed online weekly focussed discussion around a gallery object, saved as a YouTube, with creative resources, as full lock-down begins:

You could also invite participants to weekly events through Zoom.

  • Exploring detail is very special. Seeing more in an object than you normally would, whether the idea, the technique, contrasts, expression.
  • Choose one to three objects.
  • The image itself excites interest – interspersed with your face and gestures as you talk, or invite responses – perhaps letting the camera rest on the image or its details while participants respond ¬†(with each xanax online doctor other at home, or to you through Zoom)
  • Provide full-size images or details on film, with a text file for discussion with companions afterwards at home, and a creative response idea (whether drawing/photography. poetry or YouTube music of the era)
As isolation may continue for months, offering a single episode with above resources each week could have significant cognitive benefit, not only once a week viewing, but the joy and sense of purpose aroused by artistic stimulation in the days between.
These are first thoughts – do send your tips to so that we can improve on this.