A4D Ambassadors

Would you like to support Arts 4 Dementia?

Would you like to see more arts opportunities available for those affected by dementia?

Can you help us make opportunities more accessible?

…you can become an A4D Ambassador!

Community is at the heart of what we do, and we want to welcome a wide and diverse group of A4D Ambassadors who can champion the transformative benefits of the arts for people living with dementia.

We welcome Ambassadors from a variety of backgrounds but are particularly interested to hear from professionals in the arts, health or social prescribing sector who can help champion our cause and extend our reach.

With your support and expertise we hope to enable people living with dementia to live better, for longer, in the community.

You can help us by:

  • Encouraging organisations (or your organisation) across the UK to develop creative programmes for people living with early-stage dementia.
  • Championing referrals to art activities from health professionals, social prescribers, and community connectors.
  • Raising awareness of A4D’s work and mission.
  • Supporting our fundraising efforts.

Please email info@arts4dementia.org.uk if you would like to find out more about becoming an A4D Ambassador!


Meet the A4D Ambassadors:

Natalia Millman is a conceptual artist. Originally form Ukraine, she moved to London in 2001 and has been a part of Insight school of Art since 2013. She recently joined prestigious Studio Fridays where she continues to research the philosophy of ageing. She works with different media including sculpture, painting, video, installation and photography. Her symbolic objects remind us of fragility of life, humanity, passing physicality, beauty of ageing and the value of a present moment. She takes inspiration from her personal journey of loss, stories of others and the scientific research into dementia aiming to raise awareness. 

Millman successfully exhibited her latest work at the Affordable Art Fair, representing Arts 4 Dementia. In October 6-10, she held her solo show VANISHING POINT in the Crypt Gallery, London. The exhibition grew out of personal experience of loss and explored ageing mind, body and the stigma of dementia.

Find out more about Natalia: Website / Instagram / Facebook