Watch our A4D Webinar from 18 May 2022

“My view now is I have dementia, but I also have a life.”

-A4D Participant

The arts – from painting and sculpture to singing and dance – can be life-changing for people with dementia and their companions. Arts activities empower, inspire, and improve confidence, helping people retain their identity and live happier lives in the community.

On the 18th May 2022 our Chief Executive, Penny Fosten, hosted a webinar exploring the benefits of the arts for brain health and wellbeing, as part of Dementia Action Week and Creativity and Wellbeing Week.

We are pleased to share recordings of the webinar below from each of the guest speakers.

Videos below:

  • Penny Fosten, CEO Arts 4 Dementia
  • Holly Power, Community Learning Producer, The Wallace Collection
  • Alex Schady, Art Programme Director, Central Saint Martins College of Art
  • Anna Woolf, Director, London Arts and Health
  • Harry and Annette, Beneficiaries, Arts 4 Dementia
  • Full webinar

Penny Fosten – CEO, Arts 4 Dementia (5 mins):

Holly Power – Creative Learning Producer, Wallace Collection (12 mins):

Alex Schady – Art Programme Director, Central Saint Martins College of Art (12 mins):

Anna Woolf – Director, London Arts and Health (10 mins):

Harry and Annette – Arts 4 Dementia Beneficiaries (10 mins):

Full Webinar (1 Hour):