Photography with Alan Sill

Every Wednesday
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
for participants
for carers

Through these sessions, participants will learn how to take photographs through a focus on people and objects, the associations and relationships between them, and the significances that are personal to everyone as individuals. Simple or commonplace objects can spark all sorts of different thoughts and connections: a bus could remind one person of a daily commute and another of a one-off trip; a wristwatch might make a link with a particular person or a specific event.

Which little things or big views matter to you? What makes something important to you in a way that makes you want to capture it in a photograph? From simple shapes and colours to portraits of people and views of objects, Alan’s sessions will give you a chance to explore what is important to you and learn how to frame it in a photograph, taking into consideration angles, points of view, shadow and lighting, form and pattern, drawing on the principles of art and design.

Event has remote access
Arts 4 brain health Dementia friendly Early stage Moderate dementia Young onset Film & Photography

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Darlington, UK
Event has remote access

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