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I am currently studying Photography at Anglia Ruskin University. This semester I am working on a project hoping to collaborate with people who have dementia, focusing on stories from their lives and how they see the world following their diagnosis. I was wondering if any of the people who attend your group would be willing to participate. If you think there are members of your group who may be interested would it be possible to forward on this email, or pass on my contact details?

To participate in the project I would need consent from the individual and from a family member or a carer. The project will include a photoshoot (preferably in the participant's own environment so they feel more comfortable), a recorded interview and photographs taken by the participant themselves.

The interview itself will be less about answering questions but rather would be a conversation about the participant's life and will become the text that accompanies the sequence of photographs produced throughout the project. It will be beneficial if a family member was present during the interview to help with the details of the stories and make the participant feel more comfortable, if this is not possible it would be helpful to have a photo album to be available so the participant can talk about stories behind some of the photographs. An image of the participant when they were younger will also be useful to accompany the series.

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