A4D Employment Opportunities

To support our growing Kings Cross based charity, a leader in the field of working with and training arts organisations to develop inspirational workshops for people with early-stage dementia and carers, we are seeking:

1. Development Manager (0.6 – 1.0)
2. Charity Administrator (full time)

Each with opportunities for career development.  We are also seeking, to join our Board and support the A4D Team:

3. Honorary Treasurer (voluntary, approx 2 days per month, mainly from home)

Click each role for details.

About Arts 4 Dementia

Arts 4 Dementia (A4D) is a charity (No 1140842) founded in 2011. Based in London, we: 

  • develop innovative arts workshop programmes to re-energise and inspire people in the early stages of dementia and their carers.
  • uniquely signpost arts events nationwide on our website www.arts4dementia.org.uk enabling families affected with dementia in the community and clinicians looking for stimulation for their patients easily to find opportunities nearby. 
  • provide early stage dementia awareness training for arts facilitators and encourage and support them in delivering person-centred arts programmes for dementia. The 780 facilitators we have trained to date will deliver arts events to around 15,000 people with dementia and carers in 2020. 

A4D focuses on what people can achieve, often very much more than they imagine.   

Why.  Creative skills can remain vibrant for years after the onset of dementia.  Neuroscientists and psychologists, supported by A4D’s evaluation, conferences and reports, have demonstrated that engaging in artistic activity is a highly effective non-pharmacological way to reawaken and re-stimulate cognitive ability.  

Provision gap.  At present on diagnosis, people may be given cognitive stimulation therapy but then they may be left alone to cope with increasing confusion, distress and isolation for six to twelve months, often until – as one memory service head told us – crisis hits.  

Impact. The services A4D delivers make a profound difference to families coping with early stage dementia, to carers as much as to those with dementia.  The workshops invigorate and restore confidence, energy and sense of purpose and normality. A4D publications serve as valued toolkits for arts organisations. 

I realise I have been working 1000% for J since his diagnosis. But when I take him to bbodance, Danielle makes a big difference for me as well.  I’m doing something not only for his brain, but also for my own. 

Carer at Ballet Workshop at bbodance, Wandsworth. 

Having been to many workshops (so feel that I am qualified to say) I thought it was fantastic, it was inspirational and uplifting (which was a surprise). The format of the day worked really well and Aubrey was a humorous, engaging and an extremely knowledgeable speaker and your insights were invaluable too. It was fantastic to meet so many like-minded people from such varied artistic practices and backgrounds. It was a thoroughly enlightening day. 

Participant at Early Stage Dementia Awareness Training for Arts Organisations at The Garden Museum, Lambeth