A Box of Smiles

Feeling a little flat? All it takes to turn your day around is… A SMILE?

Someone smiled at me in the street this morning – and my day was made already!

Smile and by magic you will feel better – and so will those around you.

We ALL sometimes need to Remember to Smile.

A4D invites YOU to smile and to note the effect on you and those around you, in

  • a poem
  • a painting or drawing
  • a photo
  • a song or piece of music that you can record.

and to send your contribution to smiles@arts4dementia.org.uk

We will publish a selection of replies.

This campaign is the brainchild of A4D Trustee, Dementia Ambassador and musician Ronald Amanze. When recovering from a stroke, which then led to Alzheimer’s, a nurse told him “Remember to smile”. It had a dramatic effect.

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