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Together Dementia Support would like to introduce you to Ageless Grace® Brain Health Fitness, great for people living with Dementia to support cognition, mental health and physical fitness. The members of our groups love these sessions, which is why we've decided to do some virtual ones for members to enjoy while they are isolating.

The programme consists of ‘21 tools’ – these are fun physical activities that encourage the brain to work out how to do movements by using the body in a different way or for the brain to try to keep up with changes. These videos are based on the recommended amount of daily practice: 3 songs, 3 different tools, taking approx. 10mins a day.

Music is central to the programme in engaging memory and makes the sessions more fun. The programme also includes mindfulness, breathing techniques and yoga principles for living life to the full, and avoids complicated movements or structured routines. People should do as much as they can do, and not worry about getting things wrong as this only encourages the brain to try and work out how to do the movements.

You can watch these sessions on the Together Dementia Youtube channel.

See Together Dementia Support's website for more information.

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