Vocal Remix

Every Monday
07:30 PM – 09:00 PM
for participants
for carers

Our ethos promotes a creative and innovative environment aimed at anyone who wants to sing an exciting and eclectic range of songs.

We are current and up to date, with the advantage of recognising a great classic when we hear one!

Vocal Remix is a non-auditioning group for people over the age of 16. No previous singing experience is needed but if you have some, that's great too! Come along and try a taster session for FREE and see for yourself!

Currently a blended offer, running via Zoom in preparation for physical sessions in the new year.

Arts 4 brain health Early stage Young onset Music Singing

Contact details

Vocal Remix

07446 946666 info@vocalremix.co.uk

Event address

Vocal Remix
Cambridge CB1 3RJ, UK
Event has remote access

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