Musical Shares

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Musical Shares

As a direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic and our inability to visit community settings, Orchestra of the Swan (OOTS) has recorded and filmed five music sessions with a selection of favourite classics and well known tunes for everyone, but especially those living with dementia.

Each video has been curated by a quartet of our professional musicians, is about 40 - 45 minutes long and structured to facilitate and encourage activity, conversation and sharing.

"Sound Bites" in the videos have been specifically developed to start a conversation. The video is fun, relaxed and friendly, supported with subtitles and our Musical Shares Guidance Notes, providing context about the pieces, our players, their musical choices; and copies of the questions if you decide to pause the video at any time. The music included in these videos comes from many different genres played by our orchestral musicians.

But for now, click the link, sit back, and enjoy our Musical Shares. The first video will become available from 9th November with the remaining four recordings being made available fortnightly at

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Event has remote access

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