Hoyland Community Choir – Online

Every Friday
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
for participants
for carers

We are a welcoming, inclusive singing and friendship group who used to meet at the
Salvation Army in Hoyland Common.

Current government guidelines prevent non-professionals (that’s us) from group singing.
So, we’re doing the next best thing!

We now meet online every Friday morning for a singing session between 10 and 12 and

You can join in and sing with us live on Friday mornings on Zoom

You don’t need anything – the words come up on screen and we’re happy to take
requests. It doesn’t matter if your singing is flat - no-one will hear you!

The singing is led by either of our two musicians, Chris Coates and Michael Newman
who sing and play piano/guitar. They are the only ones who can be heard while the
singing happens - you can talk and hear everyone else talking between songs.

If you can’t make it, would rather tune in later, or don’t want to use Zoom, we broadcast
our sessions to YouTube which you can join in with live or any time – like watching telly.
Find us on Youtube
(or search “Hoyland Community Choir” on the internet.)

It may not be the same as singing in a choir - just like exercising with an instructor on
T.V. isn’t the same as a fitness class, but we still get the benefit of socialising, seeing
familiar faces and having a thumping good sing!
We hope to welcome you soon.

Event has remote access
Arts 4 brain health Dementia friendly Early stage Music Singing

Contact details

Helen Harding McLaren

07903 301355 HoyComChoir@gmail.com

Event address

Hoyland Common
Hoyland, Barnsley, UK
Event has remote access

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