A4D launch ‘A.R.T.S. for Brain Health’ webinar series

The A.R.T.S. for Brain Health* webinar series masterminded by our president, Veronica Franklin Gould will run monthly. Contributors to our A.R.T.S. for Brain Health: Social Prescribing as Diagnostic Practice for Dementia programme will discuss the vital role of arts in protecting against cognitive decline and combatting the isolating fears people feel in the months years leading to a dementia diagnosis.

Following the publication of Veronica’s landmark report A.R.T.S. for Brain Health: Social Prescribing as Diagnostic Practice for Dementia: From Despair to Desire (2021) webinars will each focus on a specific aspect, on how GPs can refer patients at the onset of symptoms, to a social prescriber, to empower them to choose inspirational weekly arts and wellbeing activities to preserve their brain health.

The webinars will be of particular interest to GPs, consultant old age psychiatrists and psychologists, social prescribers, arts and medical professors, post- and under-graduate students, social prescribers, NICE, people experiencing mild cognitive impairment, early symptoms of a potential dementia, their family partners and those working creatively with them.

  • The webinar series launched on Tuesday 2 November with ‘The Science, Evidence and the Importance of Arts for Brain Health’, welcoming a debate between the UK’s leading dementia experts: Professor Alistair Burns, National Clinical Director for Dementia & Older People’s Mental Health at NHS England & Improvement and Professor John Gallacher, Professor of Cognitive Health at The University of Oxford; Director of Dementias Platform UK.
  • The December webinar, Brainability – Exercise and Dance to Preserve Brain Health’, focussing on exercise and dance, will welcome a debate between Sir Muir Gray, Director of the Optimal Ageing Programme at The University of Oxford and Fergus Early, Artistic Director of Green Candle Dance. It will be chaired by Dr Charles Alessi, Senior Advisor to Public Health England, Dementia lead.

Register for Brainability – Exercise and Dance to Preserve Brain Health’, on Tuesday 7 December, 10am – 11am.

Please contact veronica@arts4dementia.org.uk if you have any questions.

*A.R.T.S. (Activities to Revitalise The Soul)